Dj Balli + visual Sabaprodaktion

Outdoor_giovedi 19 giugno


Sonic Belligeranza is an Italian independent record company started in the year 2000 by dj Balli. Breakcore is the main style of music covered by the label so far, but since the year 2004 in response to the above-mentioned genre codification growing bigger and bigger, two new imprints were added: +Belligeranza (read it “plus Belligeranza”) dedicated to conceptual noise music and -Belligeranza (read it “minus Belligeranza”) dedicated to innovative turntablism. FFF, Kovert, Slam, Zombieflesheater, Sandblasting, N., Økapi, Mat 64 and of course dj Balli (often under different aliases) were some of the artists released.